An ideal alternative to a traditional four-skills language test!

Description: TIE is an integrated four skills test of language ability available in two versions, A1-B1 and B2-C2.

Unique Approach: TIE takes a unique approach to language testing in which Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing skills are considered to be inter-related and reliant on each other, where receptive language skills support and underlie productive skills – much as they tend to do in real life!

Exam format: Each qualification consists of two units: The Speaking exam, within which Listening skills are embedded and the Written exam, within which Reading skills are embedded.

Innovation: The Spoken and Written exams incorporate tasks which candidates can prepare prior to the exams, choosing topics and texts in which they have a personal interest.

Achievement Test: Candidates are awarded the qualification at the level they have achieved on the day of the exam. In other words, candidates are eligible tobe awarded either a qualification of a lower or a higher level of attainment than the one they had initially aimed at.

TIE Preparation, Format and Task Details

Qualification Specifications

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